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The day that changed my life forever...

*Written 5th December 2020

It was the day that I decided I wanted to have a serious career in film, it was the day I fully comitted to wanting to learn everything I could about screenwriting... It was the day I started my first script age 19 determined to start something, anything before my 20th birthday which was only a few days away. I couldn't tell you exactly what I was doing or how I was feeling when I got the idea of "Hi again" but it most likely due to one of my many daydreams that sparked the idea. I researched articles on how to start sceenwrtitng and the basics. Most told me that the best way to learn, was to just start writing. So I did just that, I downloaded a screenwriting software that seemed easy enough to begin with and was FREE. Which is a word me and many students alike, love to hear. And I began to write...

And as I began to write I started to feel a strange feeling, it was as if I had butterflies in my stomach but I wasn't nervous... I was excited, It was as if nothing else matterd in that moment. Looking back on that memory I remember a quote from a artist who recently retired. He said when he began his career everyday going out on that stage he would feel excited not nervous. And would get he would get that feeling and he knew that that is what he should be doing it just felt right. And so when this artist lost that feeling, when he would go out on that stage he would'nt feel anything anymore, That is when he knew that his career was no more, he had lost the feeling of beloging or anticipation. In comparisent that evening when I decided to open up my laptop and my mind that's when I knew that screenwriting was what I was supposed to be doing. It just felt right.

Now before this I used to for many years from the age of 15, 16 now and again write full length dialouge sceenplays based on books. That didn't just include dialouge it included EVERYTHING and when I say "everything"I mean marketing ideas, productions ideas, camera postions, lighting, locations, you name it. This would go into my notes app on my phone.

I hope my blog helps to encourage young filmakers/creatives to finding resourcers to achieve their dreams. This blog will be a documentation of my journey as a up and coming filmaker/screenwriter.

This blog is for everyone and anyone who loves films and all things creative. I will be posting daily posts on my favourite tv shows/films to watch, my favourite books, best screenwriting software to use as a begginer, the future of film. And lots more! I will also be asking people to email in any ideas for future posts. Lets have a healthy discussion, I hope to develop a safe space for fellow cinephiles and movie lovers from all walks of life to feel free to share their ideas and opinions on key topics. Feel free to contact me via email ( to discuss/share your thoughts and ideas :-)

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