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My First Ever 5K race 2021

* Written on the 31st December 2021 11pm

Hi everyone! Long time no see! 😀 You can probably tell that I'm not very consistent with posting (I know I haven't posted in a while) But this year has been a hectic one right! Some good things happened and some bad...🙄But I wanted to talk about an achievement I am very proud of completing this year. I completed my first ever 5k race for charity on behalf of the charity STAMMA (Without any proper training) We raised so much in the hope of spreading awarness for stammering.

I have a big project that I hope to begin this year (2022) and cannot wait to share! I am very proud of myself this year. Happy new year to everyone! I hope this year brings everyone happiness and an abundance of opportunities. 🤗

“My stammer is something that is very much a part of me, something that I wouldn’t want to lose. Having a stammer isn’t a burden but something unique and I hope others learn to love theirs too.”

Check out my article here I wrote for STAMMA!:

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