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Where To Buy Litecoin Reddit PATCHED

Phishing scammers often lure you into clicking on a link to a fake website, where they can then steal your account details. They can impersonate well-known companies, like Amazon or your bank, utility companies, or even government agencies, and may post links on social media or contact you directly.

where to buy litecoin reddit

If you would like to know where to buy Litecoin at the current rate, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Litecoin stock are currently Binance, OKX, Deepcoin, Bybit, and Bitrue. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

Its main benefit comes from its speed and cost-effectiveness. Litecoin transactions are typically confirmed in just minutes, and transaction fees are nearly negligible. This makes it an attractive alternative to Bitcoin in developing countries, where transaction fees may be the deciding factor on which cryptocurrency to support.

Charlie Lee announced in a Reddit post on Wednesday that he had "sold and donated" all of his litecoin holdings over recent days. He said the move was motivated by criticism from people that he was trying to influence the price of litecoin with his tweets.

Lee, a former Google and Coinbase employee, created litecoin in 2011 as a quicker and cheaper alternative to bitcoin. As of Wednesday morning, it is the fifth largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of over $17 billion, according to

The subreddit has 350,000 members and is dedicated entirely to Ripple related topics. The design is not flashy, but it evokes professionalism and seriousness. Its members are knowledgeable and dedicated to maintaining positivity.

Discord also has its own r/cryptocurrency community and is now one of the faster-growing communities associated with cryptocurrency. It is a place where members can discuss anything crypto-related. Other topics talked about in the group include NFT and the Metaverse. You can feel at home if you are researching mining, trading and many other topics

Formerly called CryptoPunks, Larva Labs was the first discord community to focus solely on NFTs ( Non-fungible tokens). Since then, it has become the place where people can go to stay updated on both NFTs and cryptocurrency.

This is a well-established telegram community associated with Bitcoin and trading. It provides bitcoin bullets and trading data to its members and information that guides users in deciding where and when to invest. Bitcoin bullet also shares the latest news about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from around the world.

Altchica is a growing community with profit-seeking investors and traders. Members incorporate signals published on the channel into their trading activities. The community has a VIP sub channel where people with little or no trading experience can get the information they need to complete a transaction.

Ethereum's high gas fees. One area where ETH definitely loses out to BTC, for the time being at least, is transaction fees. While Ethereum-based transactions tend to be far faster than Bitcoin transactions, there's a steep cost that comes with that convenience, known as gas fees.

Trading physical, tangible items in exchange for DOGE takes place on online communities such as Reddit and Twitter, where users in such circles frequently share cryptocurrency-related information.[5][49][50]

On a technical level, there could be many unforeseen bugs with the new blockchain. Critics also wonder whether proof of stake will be as secure as proof of work. Charbonneau reckons it could be safer because of a function called "slashing" -- in essence, validators can have their staked ether burned, and their network access revoked, if they're found to have acted maliciously. That's different from proof of work where, if someone somehow manages to control 51% of the power, that power can't be taken away from them.

An airdrop is a marketing event where, to promote a new digital currency, an issuer may send coins or tokens to wallet addresses of members of the blockchain community. This may be for free or in return for a small service.

As a premier organization, the Litecoin team has also naturally assumed corporate social responsibility. Hence, they are working actively towards the mission of the Litecoin Foundation, where expert developers, researchers, and scientists from the entire team of professionals are dedicated to promoting cutting-edge blockchain technology for the sheer cause of an empowered society. The Board of Directors is headed by Charlie Lee, the creator of LTC; other members in leadership include John Kim, Xinxi Wang, Alan Austin, and Zing Yang.

Not just that, Litecoin foundation has also announced the roll-out of its VISA debit card. That means LTC is now accepted anywhere and everywhere VISA is. So, every merchant that was accepting VISA till today will now support LTC card as a payment method.

Consolidating trends show that there is hope for Litecoin and show it may go on a higher sentiment. It may cross $150 by 2023. At the beginning of the first half, it is expected to hover around $140 to $100 whereas, at the end of the second half, the price is forecasted to be $150 to the higher end.Long Forecast

We recently discovered eight deceptive mobile apps that masquerade as cryptocurrency cloud mining applications (detected by Trend Micro as AndroidOS_FakeMinerPay and AndroidOS_FakeMinerAd), where users can earn cryptocurrency by investing money into a cloud-mining operation. However, upon analysis, we discovered that these malicious apps only trick victims into watching ads, paying for subscription services that have an average monthly fee of US$15, and paying for increased mining capabilities without getting anything in return. We have reported our findings to Google Play, and the apps have been promptly removed from the Play Store.

CryptoHero is a trusted crypto trading bot that offers features suitable for new to advanced traders. It offers many different bots that allow a trader to make money in bull, bear and range-bound markets. It has a Bots Marketplace that offers proven bots set up by experienced traders. New users can choose to deploy those bots easily with a few clicks. CryptoHero offers web and mobile access, allowing a trader to trade anywhere at anytime.

Best of all, offers a free crypto debit card which allows you to spend your Litecoin (and other supported cryptocurrencies) directly from your wallet, anywhere that accepts regular debit card payments. Crypto is real money, so why not use it like it? Now you can with

The Litewallet app is a fork of the Bitcoin wallet breadwallet. It has a very easy-to-use interface and is an excellent choice for beginners. You can keep modest amounts of LTC on your phone. However, since it is a hot wallet, users may prefer to use it for significant sums of litecoin.

Jaxx is an iPhone and iPad multi-currency crypto wallet. It accepts Litecoin and is entirely open source. It is not suitable for significant amounts of litecoin, but it is an excellent choice for day-to-day use or receiving payments on the fly.

Various factors can be used to monitor usage of a subreddit. Due to the promising trading strategy generated from the factors chosen in [7], these same factors will be examined here. Posts per day indicates the number of posts made on a particular subreddit, per day. (this factor does not include comments made in response to particular posts). Subscriber growth indicates the number of new subscribers that a subreddit receives, per day. New authors indicates the number of new authors posting on a particular subreddit, per day. This current work will aim to confirm the relationship the factors identified have with price in a model-free environment, rather than with the use of a trading strategy which can potentially introduce ambiguity relating to individual factor contributions.

Posts per day and new authors can be retrieved from each subreddit programmatically; each post is timestamped, so historical time series can be generated by iterating through the posts. Posts per day are used here rather than comments per day. Each post on Reddit can have a number of associated comments in a one-to-many type relationship. However, examples exist where huge numbers of comments are generated that are unrelated to market activity; for example, sometimes people give away small amounts of cryptocurrency to everyone who comments with their public blockchain wallet address; this causes a huge spike in comments (wavelet coherence between comments per day and price were also generated, but as was expected showed less significant relationships than posts per day and price).

The u parameter specifies the location of the wavelet. The scale parameter s refers to the width of the wavelet, indicating how stretched or dilated the wavelet is while retaining the same wavelike shape. Larger values of s increase the width of the wavelet, and therefore more of the observed time series is considered, but granularity of the observation is reduced meaning a higher-level view of the time series is taken. Low scales will allow for analysis of (higher frequency) short-term dynamics of the time series under consideration, whereas high scales will allow for analysis of (lower frequency) long-term dynamics. If the wavelet and time series follow a similar pattern at a specific temporal location and scale, then a large transform value is generated. If the wavelet function is applied in a continuous fashion, as done in this work, this is referred to as continuous wavelet transform. The continuous wavelet transform is defined as

where ψ* is the complex conjugate of ψ. There are many examples of functions that can be categorised as a wavelet. As has been used in similar previous financial applications [10, 11], the Morlet wavelet has been used here. It is made up of a normalisation factor, complex sinusoid, and Gaussian bell curve. It is essentially a sine wave multiplied point by point by a Gaussian. The Morlet wavelet is defined as 041b061a72


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