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Kao The Kangaroo

Kao the Kangaroo (Polish: Kangurek Kao) is a series of platform video games developed and published by Polish studio Tate Multimedia. The protagonist and titular character, Kao, is a young Australian kangaroo fitted with a boxing outfit.[1]

Kao The Kangaroo

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Kao the Kangaroo aims to reboot the series with a new take on the hero and a bigger focus on story. Rather than just being a kangaroo with boxing gloves and leaving it there, this iteration of Kao is a warrior in training that finds the mystical gloves and uses them to help find his lost father and sister.

Parents need to know that Kao the Kangaroo is an action-adventure 3D platformer available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One XS, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PCs. The story follows a restless, optimistic kangaroo named Kao who sets out on a journey to find his sister and save his father from the clutches of a mysterious, shadowy enemy named the Eternal Warrior. With the magical abilities of his father's boxing gloves, he sets off with his mentor to rid other islands of the villain's corrupting presence. The game depicts a lot of punching, but enemies are marked by no damage, either disappearing in puffs of smoke or cartoony bursts of green slime. The word "badass" appears once in a text log.

Kao the Kangaroo stars Kao, a fun-loving and courageous kangaroo, who, along with his Koala mentor Walt, must search high and low for his missing sister and father. This game guides players through myriad colorful environments from beaches to forests to jungles to frozen mountains, with plenty of collectibles to sweep up along the way. While not a challenging game by any means, there are still some good things to keep in mind when first diving into the experience.

Like the world's slowest boomerang, Kao the Kangaroo has returned to PlayStation after nearly 20 years. The series made its arrival during the early noughties, back when everyone wanted a slice of the mascot platformer pie. This kangaroo with boxing gloves and a stretchy neck didn't quite reach the same heights as his genre stablemates, but the games have a cult following all the same, and this modern sequel is clearly for the fans.

Not content with being a little handy with his fists, the kick ass kangaroo must master 7 new fighting techniques to pound his enemies with. A destructive tail attack will send his foes into a dizzy spin and a slam jump to knock any opponent off their feet. And what Ozzy kangaroo isn't complete without his trusty Boomerang for defeating those hard to reach henchmen?

Kao the kangaroo: Round 2 is an exclusive adventure platformer for all ages. With plenty of hidden spots, bonus levels, races, shooting ranges and big bosses, Kao offers an eclectic mix of gameplay set across vast, colour rich lands. 041b061a72


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