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Incredibox Travis Mod: A Melancholic Sound Experience

Travis Mod Incredibox APK: How to Download and Install the Best Incredibox Mod

If you love making music with a merry crew of beatboxers, you probably have heard of Incredibox, a fun, interactive music app that lets you create your own tunes with different musical styles and atmospheres. But did you know that there is a way to make your Incredibox experience even more awesome? It's called Travis Mod Incredibox APK, a fan-made mod that adds new sounds, graphics, animations, and features to the original app. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Travis Mod Incredibox APK, including what it is, how to download and install it on your Android or PC device, and why it is the best Incredibox mod ever.

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What is Incredibox?

Before we dive into Travis Mod Incredibox APK, let's first review what Incredibox is and why it is so popular among music lovers of all ages. Incredibox is a music app that was created in 2009 by a French company called So Far So Good. It allows you to create your own music with the help of a group of animated beatboxers who wear different outfits and accessories that represent different sounds and effects. You can drag and drop icons onto the beatboxers to make them sing and start to compose your own mix. You can also find the right sound combos to unlock animated choruses that will enhance your tune.

A fun, interactive music app

Incredibox is not just a music app, it is also a game and a tool that lets you express your creativity and musicality. You can experiment with different genres, rhythms, melodies, harmonies, and vocals, and discover new possibilities and combinations. You can also record and save your mix, and share it with other users online. You can listen to other people's mixes and vote for your favorites. You can even join the Top 50 chart if your mix gets enough votes from other users.

Different musical styles and atmospheres

One of the best features of Incredibox is that it offers you eight different musical styles and atmospheres to choose from, each with its own theme, mood, color scheme, and sound palette. You can switch between them anytime you want and explore different musical worlds. The eight musical styles are:

  • Alpha (2009): The first version of Incredibox, featuring hip-hop beats and electro waves.

  • Little Miss (2012): A cute and girly version of Incredibox, featuring pop voices and catchy tunes.

  • Sunrise (2013): A sunny and tropical version of Incredibox, featuring reggae vibes and Brazilian rhythms.

  • The Love (2014): A romantic and sensual version of Incredibox, featuring soulful voices and smooth grooves.

  • Brazil (2016): A festive and colorful version of Incredibox, featuring samba beats and carnival sounds.

  • Alive (2017): A futuristic and energetic version of Incredibox, featuring electro-pop sounds and robotic vocals.

  • Jeevan (2018): A mystical and spiritual version of Incredibox, featuring Indian instruments and chants.

  • It adds new bonus content such as wallpapers, stickers, and icons that you can use to decorate your device or share with your friends.

  • It improves the performance and stability of the app, making it faster and smoother to use.

With all these features and benefits, Travis Mod Incredibox APK enhances your Incredibox experience and makes it more fun and interesting. You can create amazing rap mixes with your favorite rappers and enjoy the new graphics and animations. You can also explore the other musical styles and atmospheres that are still available in the mod. You can switch between them anytime you want and discover new sounds and combos.

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How to download and install the mod on Android and PC devices

If you want to try Travis Mod Incredibox APK, you need to download and install it on your device. The mod is compatible with both Android and PC devices, but the installation process is slightly different for each one. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Android devices

PC devices

  • Go to this link: and download the latest version of Travis Mod Incredibox APK.

  • Go to your device settings and enable the option to install apps from unknown sources.

  • Locate the downloaded file in your device storage and tap on it to install it.

  • Wait for the installation to finish and then launch the app from your app drawer or home screen.

  • Enjoy Travis Mod Incredibox APK on your Android device.

  • Go to this link: and download the latest version of Travis Mod Incredibox APK for PC.

  • Go to this link: and download an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.

  • Install the emulator on your PC and launch it.

  • Drag and drop the downloaded file of Travis Mod Incredibox APK into the emulator window or use the built-in browser to locate it.

  • Install the app within the emulator and then launch it from the emulator menu or home screen.

  • Enjoy Travis Mod Incredibox APK on your PC device.

Note: If you already have the original Incredibox app installed on your device, you need to uninstall it before installing Travis Mod Incredibox APK, otherwise they might conflict with each other. Also, make sure you have enough storage space on your device before downloading and installing the mod, as it is a large file (about 300 MB).


In this article, we have shown you what Travis Mod Incredibox APK is, how to download and install it on your Android or PC device, and why it is the best Incredibox mod ever. We hope you have found this article helpful and informative, and that you have enjoyed learning about this amazing mod. If you love Incredibox, you will love Travis Mod Incredibox APK even more. It will take your music-making experience to a whole new level of fun and creativity. So what are you waiting for? Download Travis Mod Incredibox APK today and start making some awesome rap mixes with your favorite rappers. You won't regret it!

If you liked this article, please share it with your friends who might be interested in Travis Mod Incredibox APK. Also, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback about the mod or the article. We would love to hear from you!


What is the difference between Travis Mod and the original Incredibox app?

The main difference between Travis Mod and the original Incredibox app is that Travis Mod adds a new musical style called Travis, which is inspired by rap and trap music. It also adds new sounds, graphics, animations, features, and bonus content that are not available in the original app. However, Travis Mod still retains all the other musical styles and atmospheres that are present in the original app, so you can switch between them anytime you want.

Is Travis Mod Incredibox APK safe and legal to use?

Travis Mod Incredibox APK is safe and legal to use as long as you download it from a trusted source such as or . These are the official links provided by Artemiy Kopych, the creator of the mod. Do not download the mod from any other sources, as they might contain viruses, malware, or other harmful content that could damage your device or compromise your privacy. Travis Mod Incredibox APK is legal to use as long as you do not use it for commercial purposes or claim it as your own work. It is a fan-made mod that was created by Artemiy Kopych as a tribute to the original app and its developers. He does not intend to profit from it or violate any intellectual property rights of the original app.

How can I create my own Incredibox mod?

If you want to create your own Incredibox mod, you need to have some skills and knowledge in programming, music production, graphic design, and animation. You also need to have access to the source code of the original app, which is not publicly available.


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