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Mario Kart Tour: How to Play the Mobile Version of the Classic Game

Mario Kart Tour: How to Download and Play the Mobile Game

If you are a fan of racing games, you have probably heard of Mario Kart, the popular and long-running series from Nintendo that features colorful characters, wacky items, and thrilling courses. But did you know that you can now enjoy Mario Kart on your smartphone or tablet? That's right, Mario Kart Tour is a mobile game that lets you race around the world with your favorite characters from the Mario universe. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Mario Kart Tour, including how to download it, how to play it, how to collect various characters, karts, and gliders, and how to have fun with multiplayer and battle mode. So buckle up and get ready for some high-speed action!

What is Mario Kart Tour?

Mario Kart Tour is a mobile version of the classic racing game that has been around since 1992. It was released in 2019 for iOS and Android devices, and it has been downloaded over 100 million times since then. The game features many of the karts, characters, and tracks from previous Mario Kart games, as well as some new ones inspired by real-world cities. You can race against up to seven other players, whether they are your friends, nearby, or from around the world. You can also customize your races with various rules, such as team or individual races, kart speed, and item slots. You can play however you want!

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Mario Kart Tour is free-to-start, which means you can download and play it without paying anything. However, there are some optional in-game purchases that can enhance your experience. For example, you can buy rubies, which are a premium currency that can be used to fire off pipes that give you random drivers, karts, or gliders. You can also buy a Gold Pass subscription for $4.99 per month, which gives you exclusive gifts, badges, and access to the 200cc mode, which is the fastest speed in the game. You don't need these purchases to enjoy the game, but they can help you unlock more content and boost your performance.

How to download Mario Kart Tour on iOS and Android devices

Downloading Mario Kart Tour is very easy. All you need is a compatible smartphone or tablet, an internet connection, and a Nintendo Account. Here are the steps to follow:

The steps to install the game from the App Store or Google Play

  • Go to the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices) on your device.

  • Search for "Mario Kart Tour" or use these links: [App Store](^1^) or [Google Play](^2^).

  • Tap on "Get" (for iOS devices) or "Install" (for Android devices) to download the game.

  • Wait for the download to finish and then tap on "Open" to launch the game.

The requirements and compatibility of the game

Before you download the game, you should check if your device meets the minimum requirements and compatibility for the game. According to the official website, these are the following:

Operating System



10.0 or later


4.4 or later

Note that some devices may not be compatible even if they meet the above requirements. You can check the list of incompatible devices on the website as well.

You also need a Nintendo Account to play the game. If you don't have one, you can create one for free on the website or in the game. You will need to link your Nintendo Account to the game to save your progress, access online features, and receive special offers.

How to play Mario Kart Tour

Now that you have downloaded and installed the game, you are ready to start racing. But how do you play Mario Kart Tour? Don't worry, we will explain the basics of the gameplay and controls, the different modes and tours available, and the tips and tricks to win races and earn points.

The basics of the gameplay and controls

Mario Kart Tour is a racing game where you control a driver in a kart and race against other players on various tracks. Your goal is to finish the race in the highest position possible, while avoiding obstacles, collecting items, and using them to your advantage. You can also perform tricks, such as jumps and drifts, to boost your speed and earn more points.

The game has two types of controls: simple and drift. You can choose which one you prefer in the settings menu. In simple mode, you swipe left or right on the screen to steer your kart, and tap to use items. In drift mode, you swipe left or right on the screen to initiate a drift, and release to end it. You can also swipe up or down to use items. You can also tilt your device to steer your kart, if you enable gyro handling in the settings menu.

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The game has an auto-acceleration feature, which means your kart will always move forward without you having to press anything. You can also enable auto-item in the settings menu, which will automatically use items when you collect them. However, this may not be optimal for some situations, so you may want to disable it and use items manually.

The different modes and tours available

Mario Kart Tour has several modes and tours that offer different challenges and rewards. The main mode is the tour mode, where you race on tracks that change every two weeks. Each tour has a theme based on a real-world city or a Mario location, such as New York, Tokyo, or Bowser's Castle. Each tour also has a spotlight driver, kart, or glider that has an advantage on that tour's tracks.

Each tour has several cups, which are sets of three races and one bonus challenge. You can unlock more cups by earning grand stars, which are awarded based on your performance in each race or challenge. You can earn up to five grand stars per race or challenge, depending on how many points you score. You can also earn coins, rubies, drivers, karts, or gliders as rewards for completing certain cups or challenges.

Besides tour mode, there are other modes that offer different ways to play. For example, there is time trial mode, where you race against the clock on a track of your choice. There is also ranked mode, where you compete with other players online for the highest score in a selected cup. There is also event mode, where you can participate in special events that have unique rules and rewards.

The tips and tricks to win races and earn points

If you want to win races and earn points in Mario Kart Tour, you need to master some skills and strategies. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you:

  • Choose your driver, kart, and glider wisely. Each driver has a special skill that can give them an edge in certain situations. For example, Mario can use a fire flower to throw fireballs at his opponents, while Peach can use a heart to protect herself from incoming items. Each kart and glider also has a bonus that can increase your speed, handling, or item slots. You can check the details of each driver, kart, and glider in the menu.

Use items strategically. Items are essential for gaining an advantage in races. You can collect them by driving through item boxes on the tracks. You can use them to attack your rivals, defend yourself, or boost your speed. Some items are more powerful than others, such as the lightning bolt that shrinks all other racers, or the bullet bill that transforms you into a bullet and zooms you ahead. You can also combo items by usin


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