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The Difference Between European and Asian Handicap in Football Betting

In football betting, there are many types of bets for enthusiasts to choose from. Each type of bet has its own interesting points. So, do you know the difference between European and Asian handicap in football betting? Let's find out and the following review betting site comparison from football betting.

What is European Handicap?

European Handicap is one of the most popular types of football bets chosen by many people nowadays. Initially, it was a type of bet only for the European football betting market, but nowadays, it is also widely loved in domestic tournaments and the Asian region.

In reality, European Handicap is simply understood as a bet on a half or a full match. This type of bet has only 3 betting options based on the overall result of the match for the home team: win – lose – draw. Therefore, players don't have to worry about calculating scores or handicap ratios like with other types of bets.

Currently, European Handicap consists of two types: half-time European Handicap and full-time European Handicap.

What is Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap is a very familiar type of bet and is highly favored by Vietnamese betting enthusiasts. It is also known by various names such as Handicap, handicap bet, etc. This type of bet is calculated based on the score of the match with 90 minutes of official play plus added injury time, excluding the result of extra time.

Asian Handicap first appeared on best bookmaker betting. This type of bet is somewhat complex with a wide range of different odds. They are primarily developed for the Asian betting market.

The Difference Between European Handicap and Asian Handicap

European Handicap and Asian Handicap are two widely used types of football bets that players analyze, choose, and participate in betting.

Despite being widely used, many players wonder what the differences are between European and Asian handicaps? Furthermore, to place accurate bets, players need to understand the essence of each type of football bet to choose the appropriate betting method for themselves.

Leading experts and professional players have pointed out the fundamental differences when comparing European Handicap and Asian Handicap. These are reflected in the following points:

Betting Principles and Forms

When comparing the differences between European Handicap and Asian Handicap, we must first mention the betting forms and principles of analyzing odds.

Compared to European Handicap, Asian Handicap has a significant advantage in terms of the variety of betting options. Asian Handicap allows players to place bets on a wide range of specific odds, usually 9 handicap betting options, which increases their chances of winning. However, with European Handicap, the number of betting options is limited, usually only 3: Draw – Win – Lose, so players may find it difficult to find good odds without available options.

Furthermore, with European Handicap, players only need to pay attention to the overall result of the match. In contrast, for Asian Handicap, players need to pay attention to the number of goals scored in the match.

You can see that the betting forms and odds offered by these two types of bets are different. And it depends on the extent of influence of free bet bookmaker on the betting market.

For experienced bettors, European Handicap and Asian Handicap are already too familiar, making it easy for them to analyze and select bets to increase their chances of winning.

Betting Odds of Each Type of Bet

The calculation of betting odds between European Handicap and Asian Handicap will show you the most significant difference.

For European Handicap odds, when you win a bet, the amount will be doubled. Meanwhile, with Asian Handicap, players only receive a profit of 0.85. In case of losing the bet, players will lose the entire amount they bet, not just 0.85 of the amount.

This means that if the odds of winning a bet are 1.9 for European Handicap, then when you win the bet, the amount you receive will be equal to the betting amount multiplied by 1.9. That is, if you bet 100,000 VND, when you win the bet, you will receive 190,000 VND. Similarly, the total amount you receive will be 290,000 Vietnamese Dong (winning bet amount + initial betting amount).

As for Asian Handicap, the odds production figures will vary depending on the bookmaker and the country. According to Asian Handicap, players participate in betting with handicap odds such as 1, 1.25, 1.75, etc. Depending on the difference in playing style between the two teams, the odds may change. Although relatively more complex than European Handicap, it is easier for players who want to participate in a wide range of betting options and calculate carefully.

Different Names for Each Type of Bet

The difference between European Handicap and Asian Handicap is also reflected in the names of the bets. From there, players can distinguish between different types of bets.

For European Handicap football bets, there is no specific name. However, it is expressed specifically through the symbol 1×2. As for Asian Handicap football bets, they are called by various names such as handicap bet, Handicap, and have corresponding symbols like HDP.


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