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Mi Casa - All The Glory (Audio)

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Mi Casa - All the Glory (Audio)

Reviews of the show were generally positive, and Cecilia Suárez has been repeatedly singled out and praised for her performance as Paulina;[Refs 4] her role on the show was reverently described by Javier Zurro as: "And here she entered, Cecilia Suárez, a whirlwind discovered in La casa de las flores who took everything. She was the star. Her Paulina de la Mora is a revelation, a poster girl buried to the eyebrows in meds who, however, was the most modern and determined character in the story."[186][transl. 46]

Priest: Therefore, overcome with paschal joy,every land, every people exults in your praiseand even the heavenly Powers, with the angelic hosts,sing together the unending hymn of your glory,as they acclaim:

Priest: To our departed brothers and sistersand to all who were pleasing to youat their passing from this life,give kind admittance to your kingdom.There we hope to enjoy for ever the fullness of your glorythrough Christ our Lord,through whom you bestow on the world all that is good.

Priest: It is truly right to give you thanks,truly just to give you glory, Father most holy,for you are the one God living and true,existing before all ages and abiding for all eternity,dwelling in unapproachable light;yet you, who alone are good, the source of life,have made all that is,so that you might fill your creatures with blessingsand bring joy to many of them by the glory of your light.

Priest: Look, O Lord, upon the Sacrificewhich you yourself have provided for your Church,and grant in your loving kindnessto all who partake of this one Bread and one Chalicethat, gathered into one body by the Holy Spirit,they may truly become a living sacrifice in Christ to the praise of your glory.

for European Spanish -"Callo" and "cayo" are pronounced the same - off"Caza" and "casa" are pronounced the same - offThe letter x before consonants is pronounced as - s

for Latin American Spanish -"Callo" and "cayo" are pronounced the same - on"Caza" and "casa" are pronounced the same - onThe letter x before consonants is pronounced as - ks 041b061a72


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